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Trevi Fountain: the most famous… but not the only one


Trevi Fountain: the most famous… but not the only one


When you think about the fountains in Rome what immediately comes to mind is the Trevi Fountain. Who among us has never stopped in front of this wonderful Baroque fountain? It is in everyone’s heart and part of every tour, partly thanks to the magic of the cinema, that with the unforgettable Anita Ekberg and her shout “Marcello, come here!” The film has left us all with the image of it as a symbol of the Roman “dolce vita”, that every tourist, especially the foreign ones, mythicize. Or maybe because it is an obligatory stop for the propitiatory coin throwing that can make every dream come true…

The Trevi Fountain is actually just one of the many fountains of Rome, hallmarks of the city’s squares and history… Because yes, the history of the fountains of Rome has a very ancient origin. It starts from the astounding structure of water transport realized as long ago as in ancient Rome, when water became a fundamental element of the city life: just think about the amazing and monumental aqueducts, baths and, precisely, fountains.

During the following centuries as well, fountains were a main element in public places, partly for their function of water supply, partly because of the will to give squares a peculiar feature with quality elements.

After a “dark” period during the Middle Ages, fountains had their golden age during the Renaissance, when they gained a leading role in the new works of urban requalification and organization.

All through the history of Rome, renowned architect have been entrusted with the design of fountains, like for instance Nicola Salvi (designer of the Trevi Fountain in the late Baroque period); but let’s just mention the marvelous fountains realized by Bernini.

All this importance throughout the centuries results today in approximately two thousand fountains scattered all around the city, from the monumental ones, like the Trevi Fountain, to the small ones conceived for the daily citizens watering.

In conclusion, it is a wide world waiting for you to discover it; follow our pages because our ambitious goal is to let you admire many fountains among the less famous ones, that absolutely deserve to be known and visited as much as their more celebrated “sister”.





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