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Music Bridge: a load of technology for modern Rome


Music Bridge: a load of technology for modern Rome


The Music Bridge is the most recent one among the many bridges on the river Tiber. It is a bridge of the New Millennium, and it states it in a clear and charming way.

It is located in a strategic position that connects several points of interest of the present-day Rome: it links the Foro Italico area with other attractive elements like the Auditorium Parco della Musica (and that’s where the name comes from) or the MAXXI museum; it is therefore right in the middle of the modern architecture route we suggested you.

Even though the Music Bridge is a recently erected structure, its planning is from an urban point of view quite old. Expansion projects from 1929 already included a bridge in that position, but it was only 70 years later that that line drawn on the plans was turned into an actual infrastructural architecture.

We have to wait for the year 2000 and for the new Millennium to see London studio Buro Happold and engineer Davood Liaghat win the design competition announced for this project, together with Kit Powell-Williams Architects.

The Music Bridge is suitable for vehicles (even though this wasn’t planned in the original project), with separate pedestrian precincts; its bearing structure consists in two segmental steel arches, projecting towards the external part of the bridge. It is quite a big construction, 190 meters long and 22 meters wide in its central section.

Nevertheless, the final impression is that of a great lightness, reminding in a way similar examples of infrastructures by Calatrava.

The center surface is asphalt and restricted to automobile traffic, while the sides are occupied by wooden walkways overlooking directly the river Tiber.

Unveiled in 2011, it is after all a masterpiece of contemporary engineering, which allows a charming walk through the city with a privileged view on its beloved river…





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